Custom Skate Builds

WOW Rolling is now offering Custom Roller Skate Creations, our newest service provided with a free consultation. This service is perfect for those skaters wanting to create your own stylish pair without the fuss. 

In order to get started, skaters must complete a consultation by email or phone. This consultation is complementary and provides insight on how long it’ll take to create your skates, the types of hardware and accessories we can provide and expertise on how to get started in the customization process. Questions regarding your size, budget and creative ideas will allow us to create your dream pair of skates, tailored to you. Alongside our other maintenance services, these custom roller skates will be of your design and in your budget so you can truly feel in control of the process. Being able to choose the wheels you want, the accessories for your needs, your boot style or shoe style, the plate and even down to the laces, allows you to get up and roll as soon as your skates are completed.

At WOW Rolling, we want to provide our skaters with the ability to fully express themselves, from head to toe stop. Our services are done by hand, by skaters in Orlando, Florida, with your safety and style at the top of our priority. Purchasing skates through our customization program allows us to continue creating workshops and meet-ups in the local area for local skaters and allows for more vendors and brands to be featured in our shop. Local pick up is also an option which allows you shorter wait times and less money on shipping costs.
Send an email to or fill out this form to get started!